Jan 17, 2014 · To create or add another camera, first create an empty game object by going to: Game Object->Create Empty. Then select the newly created empty object and add the camera component: Components->Rendering->Camera. Unity’s camera comes with a host of functionality inside its GUI, as shown in Figure 12.. "/>

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In order for an _OutlineWidth of 1 to equal 1 pixel, we'll need to divide our screen width and height by. 2. 2 2 , or multiply our offset by. 2. 2 2 (probably simpler). float2 offset = normalize (clipNormal.xy) / _ScreenParams.xy * _OutlineWidth * clipPosition.w * 2 ; Floating point division is expensive. Jan 21, 2019 · 3 Answers. You can adjust the camera's height so it scales with the width of the screen like so: [ExecuteInEditMode] [RequireComponent (typeof (Camera))] public class MatchWidth : MonoBehaviour { // Set this to the in-world distance between the left & right edges of your scene. public float sceneWidth = 10; Camera _camera; void Start ....

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